Poets & Hunting

Too many of them like: Abu Nawas, Al-Buhtori, Ibn Al-Mu'tazz, Ibn al-A'rabiy, Ibn Khafajah, Al-Mutanabbi, Abu Al-Bahr, Al-Nashi'.

Abu Nawas says: When morning rises from veilness Like a gray-haired ascending from his gown Predilicted a dog so long fonded Drawing the halter from its grab.

He also says: I describe a dog of none like before Obedient taking care of all Being brought from Saluk Like as slender in the halter If runs rapidly with no objection Play between plain and anguish Quench the quarry as athirst A beast if passes be a Capella Be damned in bloodshed It is always keeping the duties. Each hunter with it fortunate !

He also says: I prepared a rough dog for quarry If appears gluttonous and blazed Catching the later and blazed Like as a devil burning against Surfeit flocks of deers overfill Until seeing them fragmented It obtains daily a certain luck Until all are seen ravenous.

He also says: When a wolf appears on a versant My dog: Go! raged as a hero A bold-hearted and laudable dog Polite with all merits complete In halter save, bear and expel the wolf away like a hero Pass like hawk on hounding wrapping so rapidly what he kills Oh! what a dog if hunts be just!

Ibn Al-Mu'tazz says: Prepared our horses for cruise Made their turn to the convent Our dogs lead obediently salukis as long as they lead Marked as of wind daughter If asked for speed to increase.

Ab Al-A'rabi says: Due to its love we like Sudan And, for it love the black dogs.
Al-Nabegha Al-Thebyani says: Wolves come to those with no dogs And obviate the alert protector.

Abu Al-Tayyeb Al-Mutanabbi says: My dogs release firm rope fetters Surely strong to be the savors Alert, brave, peevish and thyrse United vertebra released joints If turns tail like the upcoming As who looks from a detention Runs if an enemy cries afraid Hates a Bedouins pray seating .
Abu Al-Bahr Jaafar bin Mohammed Al-Khatti says: Never I say like running hounds clinging to rabbits and lizards When sent for catching quarries They tech them like eagle's jaws .


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